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Help accepting prepaid calls?

New prison question. Help asap please! My fiancé is in prison and I haven't spoken to him in over a month after my phone got shut down. I have just read TextNow Support answer from someone elses question about recieving calls from a prison/jail, which was that the application can not accept incoming collect calls so no, jail calls are not available. BUT what if the inmate calls non-collect? Usually most people think the only option to answer a jail call is to open a gtl account and put money on their own phone so that the inmate can then call only that phone that holds the funds to accept the call. Well what my man and I do is instead of putting money on my phone, I put money on his inmate phone pin which then allows him to call any phone number from the prison phone and it is a free call to whoever it is that they dial. Instead answering your phone and hearing the operater saying stuff about needing to add funds and accept a collect call, the operater says - "This is a prepaid call. You will not be charged for this call. This call is from ******, an inmate at ****** Correctional Facility. This call is subject to recording and monitoring. Press 5 to accept this call." Is TextNow able to accept this type of free prepaid collect call? I sure hope so, let me know please!
Jessica Locke

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Hey Jessica! In theory, you should be able to accept this call, however, I cannot guarantee it. Your best bet would be to simply give it a try! 

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