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[GUIDE] The proper way to port out your number from TextNow

There's been a lot of posts about this, but nothing concrete about it. As I have figured i out, I figured I'd make a guide for anyone struggling with this.

For this example, I am porting out from TextNow and porting into UltraMobile.

What you should do first is ensure the email address on your TextNow account is confirmed and you know what it is, as well as ensure you know the full name that is associated with your account.

Next, you need to contact the carrier you are porting to. I'd recommend shooting them an e-mail.

In this e-mail, you want to ask if they can e-mail and get the necessary info required for porting. In this email, provide them with the full name, email address, and phone number associated with your account.

I'm sure different carriers do it differently. In my case, UltraMobile said that they would email TextNow, get the info, and forward that info to me, so that I can use it when I activate my SIM. Your mileage may vary. 

After you get the info, if your carrier simply gives you the info, use it like you would any other porting request.

If your carrier gets the info and asks you to activate your new account and they will take it from there, do that. 

In any case, at this point just follow what your new carrier says, and you should be good!


It really is a shame that we can't get this info ourselves, but as they say, you get what you pay for.

Aashu Krishnan

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That sounds great, but I wanted to Port my text now # over to Cricket wireless and they only needed my account #, my phone #, and the name on the account. This may sound dumb, but how do I find my account#?

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Hey Teresa, in order to port your free TextNow number out to Cricket, please ask them to contact our porting team directly at for further assistance. 

Valeria TextNow Support 0 votes
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