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TextNow doesnt accept my unlocked galaxyS8

Hi, I have an unlocked Galaxy S8 that I was hopeing to just get a plan and a sim card for and be good to go. For some reason when I entered the IMEI (I triple checked to make sure I had the correct number entered) i was told my device was not compatible at this time. I found this strange considering you can buy the galaxyS8 from text now with a plan. Could anyone please enlighten me on this issue as it makes no sense to me at all. Thank you
Randy Scriven

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Hey Randy! 

Our apologies for the confusion. Your phone is most likely incompatible due to not having the necessary CDMA network bands. This isn't something that can be changed, as it's hardware. 

Currently, we can only support compatible CDMA phones (ones that came from Sprint, Boost, or Virgin). 

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