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Help! "This Is Not A Certified Device" Error

When I keep getting the same Awnser to this problem and yet I have tested and re tested my device on that suggested app for checking to see if my device is or has been altered or rooted in some way and it clearly every time shows me a green flag that my device is clean and not rooted.. I am starting to believe this is a flaw with text now and theyre application not with my phone cause I've never had a problem using they're service before that update then it logged me out and told me my phone was not able to use thw app and I have been using text now on this same phone I've had for the past year and a hpaf if not longer.. What the h do I do??
RemiMartin DatBadDingo

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Hi there, 

Could you please email with a description of your issue, and your account information? We would be happy to assist you further there. 


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