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Stop Giving Out My Number


I had a textnow number a few years back which I ported out. For a long time now I've been getting verification numbers randomly sent to my phone from various people trying to sign up for new services at various websites (instagram, wechat, etc.). For a while I assumed they were just scam texts, but I've noticed that I'm also getting phone calls trying to give me verification codes as well and they always come in groups as if a person is attempting it manually. My hunch is that the number is still somehow in the system and is being given to people that are trying to use this service to receive the verification codes. Is there any way for you guys to check if that's going on?

Peter Maggio

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Hey Peter! 

Very strange indeed. Please head over to our live chat support between 10am-5:30pm EST so we can verify which number this is with regards to and see what's going on. 

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