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"The truth is, there is no catch" Really? Need clarification here!

In your FAQ, it reads "The truth is, there is no catch"


But I just finished talking to a textnow representative and he clearly said that if I don't make at least ONE call a day or send ONE text message a day, I will loose my number!

Is this correct?

Even if I bought a Textnow phone directly from Textnow?

Seems to me this IS a catch, to force a monthly fee of at least $9.99 to remove ads and "lock in" the number.

To me, having to make one call a day or loose your number seems preposterous, as for travel or other reasons, one might not be able to make that daily call.


I might as well get a "" account for $9.00 a month, with 500 mb of high speed data and then unlimited 2g, plus unlimited calls and unlimited texts!


Please, Textnow personnel, you need to REALLY evaluate this!




Karl Wagner

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