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facebook 2 step verification

I use facebook to log into text now, i ALSO use text now as the number for my facebook, not realizing the mess i was going to cause i tried to add security to my facebook by doing the 2 step authentication and the 6 digit code was sent to my text now account to verify my facebook with, i reset my pc, and when i tried to log into face book it did not recognize my device so i had to go put in the code sent to my text now number, however when i try to log into text now i have to still input the verification code for the facebook pop up to log into text now, i have no way of ever seeing the code facebook sends and they are in no hurry to even email me back, after i have sent them copies of my id and the hand written code next to my face please help the number of my account is 7025369434

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Hey there! I'm quite sorry to hear of this debacle. 

Unfortunately. we can't access your account's messages to be able to provide you with the verification code. 

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