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Lost my number, please help , I’m not sure what happend

i sign in and out of my account with the number ~ 619) 413-0666 ~ numerous times a day and on many different devices and have not yet had a problem with this number, all of my contacts were in that number and I just recently got my phone stolen so I cannot get into my email to get my contacts.

i logged into my account this time and it asked me to choose a number as if I didn’t have my old one...I have no clue y this happened but I could really use ur help because this was my last way into keeping contact with others..I am not going to b ok if I lose anything else so if u can please help me it would b very much appreciated !


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Hi there, 

Looks like that number is still on an account that is yours. Please make sure you are logging in using the original email/username to create the existing account with that number. Looks like you created a new account, instead of logging back into your existing one. 

For further assistance please contact our Live Chat between10am-5:30pm EST 

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