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Textnow refusing to send refund on TWO PHONES I PURCHASED Andrefuse to show me to speak with live agent

Support Support · Bot Hi! Welcome to Support. Ask me a question and I'll find the answer for you. I'm extremely upset! I bought TWO phones from you. 1 im waiting on refund from Motorola moto e5 plus for $119 I'm supposed have that refund today! I returned it obviously, and before I got my refund I sent it back UPS while the same day ordered a new phone for $129 LG stylo 4 which also was not an accurate description so I returned that . You've already received both phones lady time I spoke with you. Now my services was cancelled. I have no idea why but MOST IMPORTANT IS I WANT MY REFUNDS! BEFORE I HAVE TO TAKE LEGAL ACTION. I HAVE EVERY CONVERSATION COPIED AND SAVED. now I'm hoping this is a silly error on your company's behalf and my refunds are In process so we can continue our relationship and I can get another phone as needed. So please explain what's going on? They refuse to speak with me. Had this happened to others. I don't want to take legal action but I'm not gonna sit back and not have my $250 refunded when I never even used either phones! Had this happened to others?
Brian Pagano

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