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My number was changed without my knowledge

I have had the same bumber for over 2yrs and just recently it changed with out my knowledge to some other number that doesn’t have my area code or anything and I need this fixed
Jennifer Lawson

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Zackly!!! My number was changed as well and now the SIM card says the moble network is disabled . Ive tried all day to have a phone again . I got close .. ive got some usless number that even if this brand new 160.00 phone that i bought from you guys ...WORKED, NOBODY knows this number ... my old # that ive had for almost a year is 802-242-2150
So also when i try to sign in , the app has a fit and starts putting different screens up like its dealing cards . I see all my calls then it asks me to sign in again .. and then we play another hand of go fish or something. Only i have no cards .. or a mf phone!!!

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