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Any way to flash over textnow ROM?

Hello, i switched to Mint Mobile recently and I didnt realize that i would not be able to use my old textnow phone anymore...I kind of would like to use it because I dont really have any other option lol. 

So I have flashed the unlocked version of the Samsung S7 firmware onto the phone but I still have the issue of the device not recognizing the SIM card if its not a sprint one. I tried to flash a Tmobile firmware too but same issue. Ive done a factory reset and the whole works, so why is it that there is still Sprint software installed?  Textnow keeps saying that S7 is CDMA locked when it clearly is not?? It can function on both bands and the hardware is the same for both so that would not be the issue. The SIM works fine on my friends phone thats an S6 so the SIM isnt the issue either. 


I just am looking for a straight forward way to remove whatever ROM or Software textnow put on this phone

Nadia Orcel

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