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Second TOS Violation

I seem to have had a 2nd TOS violation, but I was not aware something so small was in the terms of service, so let me explain: I occasionally use a VPN on my phone, but I don’t even try to use it for TextNow (I’ve had this account for years, the same number for over a year). I had no idea just using a VPN is a violation. I learned it today after reading multiple posts and responses. I was not even aware I broke the violation the first time until the second time occurred. In fact, I only thought I had to verify the account for security sake. Anyway, I really hope there’s something we can do. A lot of people I know have that number saved for me. The email is:

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Hi there,

Since your previous account has been permanently disabled due to a terms of use violation it will no longer be accessible. The account's first violation was over 8 months ago and the second violation has permanently disabled the account. No exceptions can be made to re-enable the account at this time.

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