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Can you help me port out the number of 2nd Line?

I need to port the below 2nd line number to another service provider outside. Pls provide me with the relevant details to do so. My name is Mohit Gupta and the number is registered in my name.

2ndline number - +1 (xxx

and the name, - xxxx

email address - xxxxx

I've sent the email to but no one replies there. My service provider has a self-serve page and I'm trying to port it myself. Why is it so hard to get the account number, pin, and billing details?

- Mohit Gupta 

Mohit Gupta

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Hey Mohit! 

I edited your post to conceal your personal information (as this is a public forum). 

I see that you were able to speak with our live chat support for further assistance! 

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