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Texting a TextNow user with minimal user info...

Basically, I met this girl earlier. She gave me her number. A TextNow number. She asked if she could use my phone to log into her TextNow account and make a call. I obliged her, as I am also a TextNow user and already had the app installed on my phone. Before we parted ways. She wrote down her number... But I have misplaced it. But her email that she logs into her TextNow account with was saved in the email slot for logging into the TextNow app. So I know her email at least. My question is: Can I use the email address that she used to log in to her account via my phone, in order to send a message directly to her TextNow number? I don't care about knowing her number. Just want to get the message to her so if she chooses to, she can respond. I would just send her an e-mail, but I haven't... I use my Gmail address to login to TextNow. But I no longer have access to that Gmail account. I can't remember my security stuff to get back into the account... But just in the event that she's in a similar situation I'm hoping that using her login email, I may be able to get a message to her text now account which I know she uses regularly. I'd really like to talk to her again someday.
Clyde Black

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