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Can't Port Out

I'm trying to port my number to a different carrier.  When they try the porting - it says "Customer information does not match".  I have verified that the information matches exactly as it was provided to me several times by chat support.  The new carrier has emailed and was provided the same information that I gave them.  They tried again with the exact information as provided to them and are still getting the message "Customer information does not match".  Now they are not hearing back from anymore and I can't get my number ported.  My new carrier was able to port two of my kids numbers without issues, but mine and my third child are having this issue.   My new provider said that when he looked into the porting information, it says NeutralTandem:505B for the two lines that were rejected and the two that were approved said for the service provider.  I need help please.  

Pamela Parks

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No action is needed on this anymore.  After hours of chats with support and numerous exchanges with our new provider and their communications with, we've moved on and abandoned our efforts.  Essentially - we cannot port our number out of TextNow.  

Note:  the TextNow porting team does not have a phone number and will only communicate through the email.  If your new carrier is trying to resolve an issue with TextNow porting team, they will need to communicate only through that email.  Isn't that interesting that a phone company does not have a phone number for customers to call.  

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