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Restore my previous number

Hi I'm using ur textnow app. And using number provided by ur site virtually.. I attached my many account with tht number.. I regularly open ur application.. But From last5-6 days due to coronavirus pandemic I wasn't able to login frm last 5-6 days And today when I try to login my virtual number wasn't there... They as me to get new number... But I request you to plz restore my previous number is 001-7437774857... To my email id - - - - Please this number is 001-7437774857 is very important for me. As it's attached to my many account.. As it's not a long time from my last login.. It's just 5-7 days.. And before my number allot to anyone else plz restore my number back And I promise to be login daily on ur app. To keep my number active this time Plz restore my number soon.. As it's a big request. Thanx
Nik Vv

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