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Unable to receive calls from "unknown number", other times, known numbers do not ring thru

I see a number of posts asking how to block calls from unknown numbers. 

I have the opposite problem; due to CV-19 a lot of gov employees are working from home and they are apparently using their home phones (apparently the gov is poorly setup for their employees working from home and handling issues over the phone). 

Recently I had to talk with a gov agency and the person I needed to talk to needed to call me, I could not call them as they would not give out their home number. They had their number blocked. Because the number was blocked, they went straight to voicemail every time they tried to call me. We played voicemail tag for some time (I could call their gov number and leave voice mail, but it would not redirect to their home phone).

Very frustrating - especially . I turned off the setting for blocking unknown numbers in the native dialer (Samsung Android 7.0) but that did not help.

I have noticed this from time to time with other calls - people call me and go straight to voicemail (I assume - I do not hear the phone ring). Their number is not blocked, my phone just doesn't ring/vibrate when they call (and yes, I have the phone set to both ring and vibrate). 

Help please?

Lauren Bish

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