Getting Started with Your iPhone

Welcome to TextNow Wireless! 

Unlike traditional carriers, TextNow uses cloud-based technologies to provide phone service to your iPhone.

There are some minor differences when using your iPhone over the TextNow network:

  • Calling & texting works through the TextNow app, as opposed to the built-in Phone and Messages apps on your iPhone.
  • Your TextNow phone number won't work if your fellow Apple users try to message you via iMessage or FaceTime. However, they can still contact you via iMessage or FaceTime by using the email associated with your iCloud account on your iPhone. 
  • Your TextNow number can also be used online at for both calling and texting through your browser! Your messages, call history and voicemails can all be accessed by signing into your account at
  • You can also download the TextNow app onto other devices - Android phones, desktops, tablets, etc. - and use your same login and number to call and text. And just like on the web, your messages, call history and voicemails can all be accessed from multiple devices!

Getting started

To get started, please follow the guides below.

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    null null

    I already have a phone and have added the app. What if i want to add one of the plans so the phone can work anywhere and not just with wifi? How do i access this feature to buy the plan from a phone without the app?

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    Erin TextNow Support

    Hi there,

    The phone would have to be TextNow compatible and may require a SIM card to get it activated. Please reach out to our live chat support with the IMEI number from your device so we can see if we can get that phone activated with one of our data plans :)