Family Plan FAQ

How do your family plans work?

If you're a TextNow plan subscriber, you can add up to ten additional lines, each with their own phone number and TextNow plan. Each of these plans can be managed from your Account page, allowing you to swap devices on the account, up or downgrade a plan, restart on a new billing cycle, port a number to that account, and more.

I'm a new customer. How do I set up my plan?

First, get yourself signed up for a TextNow plan for yourself, either on an existing compatible device or on a new device from us. Once you have your plan set up, you can check our article on How To Start A Family Plan for a step-by-step guide.

I'm already a customer. How do I set up my plan?

If you already have a TextNow plan, head on over to our article on How To Start A Family Plan for a step-by-step guide.

How do I manage my family plan?

Your Family Plan, along with all the devices and plans on it, is managed through your Wireless Account page. For a breakdown on each option, please read our guide on How To Manage Your Family Plan.

What can the people on my plan change about their accounts?

The only thing people under your plan can do without your permission is start a number port to their account. They cannot change their plans, their billing information, purchase a new device or swap the device on their account. You have complete control over the plans and devices under your Family Plan.

Who can I add to my Family Plan?

The short answer is: anyone! The slightly longer answer is: You can sign up current TextNow users who already have a plan of their own, or add a device and plan for a non-TextNow user to invite them to your plan. They don't even need to have their own phone because you can purchase one for them to use when you sign them up!

How does billing work with Family Plans?

All billing for each of your plans goes through your main TextNow account. Each individual plan can be on different billing dates, depending on when they activated their accounts, but it's all charged through your credit card on your main account. 

Can my account balance be used to pay my Family Plan bills?

If you're the owner/manager of the Family Plan, any account balance you have on your account will be put toward the bills on the account in your Family Plan. Any funds in the account balances of the child accounts can be used for international long distance, but will not be used towards the payment of their specific plan, as all billing goes through the owner/manager of the Family Plan.

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