Resolving Call Audio Issues On Android

Note: These troubleshooting steps are for Android phones purchased from TextNow. For TextNow SIM card users, click here for our troubleshooting articles specific to SIM cards.

If you're experiencing audio issues with your TextNow service (such as a delay in audio, calls being dropped, or sound being distorted), try these troubleshooting tips:

Ensure TextNow is up to date 

Based in part on feedback from our customers, our engineers are constantly making improvements to our TextNow app and services. Often, many issues regarding call quality can be fixed simply by updating the TextNow app to the most recent version, which will include all of our latest up-to-date enhancements and bug fixes. 

Please connect to WiFi before starting the update to avoid using up your data plan, and read our Support article on how to update your TextNow app for more details.

Check connection strength

Do the call audio issues you experience happen more frequently over 3G, LTE, or WiFi?

  • 3G/LTE: Click here to check the coverage map of your area. We recommend proceeding to Steps 3 and 4 of this process regardless of your coverage, however a stronger signal in the area will always result in better quality audio.
  • WiFi: Connect to different WiFi networks and retest the calls. This might be an indication of a poor WiFi network, in which case you will need to disconnect your phone from the poor WiFi network.

Check Permissions

Very often, calling audio problems - like not being able to hear your caller, or them not being able to hear you - are related to permissions with the TextNow app. One quick way to fix multiple potential issues, both with the app and with permissions, is to do this:

1. Uninstall your TextNow app from your device. 
2. Reboot your device - very important.
3. Reinstall TextNow fresh from the Play Store (Android), or App Store (iOS)
4. During reinstallation, make sure you enable all the permissions the app asks for. 

Don't worry - you won't lose any of your messages, call logs, or your phone number by uninstalling and reinstalling, as all of that is backed up to your account on our servers.


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