Making Changes To Your Account

You can make most account-related changes on your own, right here on's new Self-Help portal!

From your Wireless Account page, you'll be able to:

When you sign into your account here, it will bring you to your Messages page. Click on My Wireless Account from the menu on the left of the Messages page...


...which brings you to your Wireless Account page:


From here, you can manage your plan and payments, swap your service to another device, port your number into and out of TextNow, and access your account settings. 

To get to your account settings from this page, tap on My Wireless Account in the top right hand corner and choose "Settings":


You can also access your account settings from the messaging page by click on Settings.

In your Account settings, you'll be able to change your personal info (including the email address associated with your account), change your password, check your account balance and apply PIN codes or add cash from your credit/debit card towards your balance, check the status of orders your have with us on that account, and set your messaging and calling preferences



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  • Avatar
    Destiny Cueto

    Cancel service

  • Avatar
    Matthew TextNow Support

    Hi Destiny

    We're sorry to hear you are looking to cancel.

    I'm afraid we're unable to process a cancellation over community posts. We've recently improved your account page online at - click on your Wireless Account page, where you'll now have access to account management functions, including cancellation.

    You can also chat with a customer service agent directly on our Support pages. Our chat hours (Eastern time zone) are:

    Monday to Friday, 9am-9pm EST
    Saturday & Sunday, 9am-4pm EST

    Any other questions, please contact

  • Avatar
    Rebecca Bradshaw

    I was having problems with making calls. I thought it was because I was almost out of my highspeed so I upgraded my plan. Turned out it was my phone and not the data. I submitted a claim to go back to my previous plan and be credited back the money, but the person who responded to my claim wasn't listening to me and said I was on my free month and no money had been charged yet. Even though it DID take money from my account for the difference to upgrade.

  • Avatar
    Matthew TextNow Support

    Hi Rebecca,

    I reviewed your account and have to confirm the same thing the last agent said, you are still on the free month and there is no charge as of this date.

    If you are certain of a charge being processed I think it might be the case that you have an alternate account and to validate that I will need personal details regarding the account to be confirmed.

    If you could please click the 'chat with us' button at the bottom of this page and speak to a live agent between 9am - 9pm Monday to Friday or 9am to 4pm Saturday or Sunday, we will be happy to get this resolved for you.

  • Avatar
    Lindsey Sachanowski

    Text now is so messed up I have problems every month with them I'm about to switch to another provider

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hey Lindsey, we're sorry to hear of your experience! It appears as though you simply keep getting suspended for the 2G Fairuse Policy.

    Now, we know that 1GB of data usage is fairly normal, however, in comparison to a 100mb high speed limit plan, using up 10X the data falls within our restrictions with the FairUse policy. We'd love to help you out with some data management tips, and please encourage you to check out the policy here . 

    Should you have any further questions, please direct them to !

    Edited by Valeria TextNow Support
  • Avatar
    Rebecca Bradshaw

    I have since been refunded. Yes, I was on my free month. However, I UPGRADED my plan (more than once during the free month) and when I did that, the price differences were taken from my account balance. So yes, I was charged each time. I finally received help from another customer service rep who looked at my account and explained that the other reps I spoke to were not looking to see that I was charged from my account balance and returned the money back to my account. I'm sharing this to save other customers a little trouble if this happens to them, so the reps will know to look at the account balance for the charge.

  • Avatar
    DeeDash Boss

    I just paid my phone bill and itsnot working

  • Avatar
    Matthew TextNow Support

    Hi DeeDash,

    Sorry to hear that you're having some trouble with the reactivation.

    I've sent you an email with the instructions on how to reconnect the phone to our network.

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

  • Avatar
    Maria Lizarraga

    I need to block a phone number or change number

  • Avatar
    Erin TextNow Support

    Hi Maria,

    Please take a look at our two support articles which outline how to set up a block and how to change your number, you can take a look at both and decide which you would like to do. You can also do both if you'd like :)

    Blocking a Number 
    Changing your phone number 


    Edited by Erin TextNow Support
  • Avatar
    Aime Duarte

    i accidently purchased the $60 plan when i wanted the $13.99 one. can you please help me change it. i cant spend that much money.

  • Avatar
    Rachanee Fitzgerald

    I need help y'all charged my card and I did not want to renew plan please put the money back on my card

  • Avatar
    Justin Guest

    Hey there Aime and Rachanee,

    Both of these inquiries while quite different involve payments and sensitive information in order to resolve them. Please contact us via the "Chat with us" button on during our normal business hours so we can get these concerns addressed and resolved for you.

  • Avatar
    Tha Realist

    Can i view my call log and text messages on the website aswell as my phone?

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hey there!

    You absolutely can, that's part of our main model :)

    Simply log in on text and you'll be able to see all of your conversations list!

  • Avatar
    Juan Hidalgo

    It doesn't give me an option to port a number out.

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hey Juan! We're working on revamping our "port out section", so in the meantime, would encourage you to speak with one of our live chat representatives for your account information :)

  • Avatar
    B & C Lawrence

    Hi on trying to log out of my text now on my windows lap top because my husbands sister has been using my account my email I was using was but I just changed it hoping i would be able to sign out of my laptop so I changed it to if someone can please help me log out of all the devices I'm signed into except my LG phone I want to stay signed in on my phone. Please and thank you

  • Avatar
    Kevin TextNow Support


    Thanks for the heads-up! I can't necessarily see which particular device you're logged into from my end, but I've closed all the open sessions now. I've also taken the liberty of editing the email addresses in your post, so you don't get hit on either account with unwanted spam.